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Alan Afsari, MD

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    Kathryn P

    Dr Best was great. My fracture healed very good.
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    Brenna C

    I was previously denied by other surgeons saying that they couldn’t help me. Dr. Afsari helped me get rid of hip pain I had for 19 years! Very lovable guy!!
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    Kevin E. P

    Dr Afsari and Raj were great. They gave me my options and discussed the long term with me. Very professional and caring. He has my best interest in mind.
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    Barbara E

    Very organized I did not have to wait long but the most important a very thorough and explaining the procedures ahead and any questions they be gladly to repeat themselves again just to make sure you understand everything
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    grace F

    punctual, pleasant, professional
    Dr. Afsari is an extremely kind man; he works with insight, experience, training and wisdom. I would be honored to recommend him and his expertise to anyone who would ask for an orthopedist. We consider him a true blessing to our family.
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    AmongUS W

    He is the most gifted, amazing, down to earth surgeon I have ever met. He has been absolutely wonderful with my husband’s injuries and we will continue to see him until he releases my husband. I can not imagine there being a more caring surgeon in the area. However... to get in touch with anyone in the office is almost impossible, you leave a message you never receive a call back. You need a prescription refill, leave a message, which is supposed to be taken care of in 72hrs and here we are again 5 days later and still nothing. Great surgeon, unfortunate office situation.
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    Mrs. L Stewart

    My PCP referred me to Dr. Afsari after 4 years of hip pain. Dr. Afsari and staff were so very professional and efficient. I found Dr. Afsari to be personable, thorough, compassionate, and very detailed in explaining proposed care. He was easy to talk to which made me completely at ease. I really had a very positive experience.
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    Lee A

    Dr. Afsari and all the staff have treated my son with great care!!
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    Dale M

    Came in with a dislocated open fracture of the ankle. Is operated on in Costa Rica came to America and the doctor did another surgery. That was amazing. I am on the men’s.
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    Fran A

    Dr. Afsari and his staff are great. They are all very kind, caring and professional. Dr. Afsari cares about his patients and their needs. He is very knowledgeable and wants his patients to know exactly the kind of care that they need. I would highly recommend him and his staff.
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Adam Fahs, MD

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    Jami W

    Excellent service and care! Thank you Dr. Fahs and staff!
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    Barbara S

    Very good ortho surgeon. I would definitely recommend Dr. M.Fahs to anyone who needs a great surgeon. Thank you for taking great care of my femur......100% healed as of April 5th. Awesome surgeon, can't say it enough!
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    Merri B

    Dr. Fahs, is a kind, and very competent ortho doc. He took time to explain the complicated nature of the surgery that allowed my sister to walk again after getting a U shaped fracture of the sacrum (tailbone area) after radiation for cancer. I highly recommend this young, talented surgeon!
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    Anne T

    Dr. Fahs is a wonderful surgeon, and he did an awesome job on my leg when I fractured it really bad. He also has great beside manner too. He's really nice, and he listens to his patient's needs. I would definitely recommend him if anyone I know needed an Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon.
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    Anthony A

    Outstanding doctor that explains why and what he is planning on his treatment plan.
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    Marc S

    He did an excellent job with my ankle surgery, and he has the greatest personality!
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    Barbara S

    Very good ortho surgeon. I would definitely recommend Dr. M.Fahs to anyone who needs a great surgeon. Thank you for taking great care of my femur......
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    Victoria T

    Dr.Fahs is an excellent Dr. He my me feel very comfortable. He explained to me what had done.He's kind and gentle .I will continue with him as my Dr. And Refer to family and friends thanks Dr.Fahs for a job well done.
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    Dr. Fahs takes the time to listen and explain. He is always in a great mood and smiling, it’s contagious!! He also has a great sense of humor! Dr Fahs did 2 surgeries on my wife’s ankle and we are extremely satisfied with the results!!
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    Alyssa R

    Cannot speak highly enough about our experience with Dr. Fahs and his staff. From check in all the way to check out, everyone was great and friendly. Dr. Fahs is fast, efficient and makes sure to give you his full attention while he is caring for you. His attention to small things like wrapping my daughter’s doll’s arm to match her cast really made the experience something great. Great to find a doctor that actually talks to and hears your child! Thank you Dr. Fahs!!
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Benjamin Best, DO

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    Verified Patient

    Had surgery on my arm. Broke my Humorous bone. (complete break) Dr Best was kind, and so Professional. He did the surgery, and followed me through the healing process. All my questions were answered. Al my fears were taken care of. I believe I saw the whole team, as it was an emergency trauma type break. I just am so grateful, to have a rope team on my break. They are always there to answer, help, and give their Professional views. Great team. Great Dr. Thank you!!!! Dr Best!!!
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    Paula V

    I believe the person I saw was somebody from Dr.Best’s team, Dr.Best himself peeked in the room but the person that I was talking with was doing a great job explaining and answering all of my questions! X-rays were taken first thing and the results came and were shared with me immediately after! I was very pleased with my experience and would absolutely recommend people in need of an obstetrician come to this office!
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    Verified Patient

    Needs to have more face to face with patients on Thursdays , not residents only!! Know he is very busy but….bed side manner non existent in office
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    Julie H

    I had a good experience with Dr. Best. My arm is getting better and better, Dr. Best and his assistants took off the bandages and examined the incision and is helping me to get set up with physical therapy. I have an appointment with him for 4 weeks. Julie
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    Marla S

    The Best! Dr Best and his team are amazing. I went in with an emergency humorous break.
    Time was taken, surgery was scheduled for the next day. Professional team, on point, relaxed, and explains everything. Dr Best, was detailed, (team was too) with what had to be done. Plate and screws in my arm. (Yes complete break)
    Time was taken, caring, professional, perfection. Dr Best, is the best in my eyes. His team is also the best. Finding a Doctor and team, is very rare. Doctors, that take the time, to discuss, care, and listen is the utmost importance. This team was awesome.
    If I need any future work, it will be with Dr Best and his team. Five star!!! Healing, time, yet understood every point of my journey with my broken arm.
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    Greg P

    Dr. Best took the time to carefully explain the options I had for correcting my chronic knee pain, and was able to resolve the issue without surgery. He was thoughtful enough to help me through a back issue, recommending a surgeon who was equally superior.
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    Retro W

    Was a really great doctor I thought I would never be able to use my arm again and he made it possible for me to go back to work
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    Molly W

    We had such an amazing experience with Dr. Best and ALL of his staff! Our daughter fell and broke her arm at school and we were shocked to hear she would need surgery the same day. Dr. Best and his team explained everything clearly to us and reassured us that our daughter was in the best care possible! The surgery and post op stay were fabulous. Everything went so smooth, we could not have asked for a better outcome. After surgery at our follow up appointments the staff have been so kind and reassuring to our daughter- she never cried during any of the process! Thank you to Dr. Best and his team of health care professionals! We give you the highest praise!
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    Annette K

    Awesome experience staff and Dr. Best were excellent in services and professional in all levels...timing of waiting for services simply outstanding ...bedside manner impeccable as well as with the nurses...instead of thanking them I thank you for the experience...
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    Katie A

    Dr Best and his staff were all amazing! My son amputated his baby toe and Dr Best and his team did an awesome job from surgery to our follow up. My son was comfortable and everyone was EXACTLY what I needed to stay calm. I rarely had a question, everything was explained to me in detail! We had a great experience.
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